Full Body Exfoliation Scrub



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Our rich and indulgent 100% natural and 100% organic body scrubs are the perfect treatment to combined with either our spray tans or any of our massages.


For spray tans, we always recommend fully exfoliating your body prior to a spray tan treatment to get the maximum life out of your tan with no streakiness or uneven fading.

For massages, our scrubs sweep away dead skin cells to restore your skins silky soft feel and radiant glow, allowing the massage oil when applied to work its full magic in hydrating the skin.

These scrubs have been specifically created for The Treatment Studio by our very own qualified aromatherapist.  Because all skin can have sensitive moments, all our scrubs are hypo-allergenic using ingredients we know and trust.

Choose your preferred scrub from our range below:

  • Warming Cinnamon, Ginger Clove & Nutmeg
  • Tingly Fresh Orange, Peppermint & Rosemary
  • Refreshing Lime & Ginger

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